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Espresso Martini kit - limited edition

Espresso Martini kit - limited edition

Kit includes
Cocktail shaker with strainer
30/60 ml jigger
500ml Mode Cold Brew Concentrate

Espresso Martini in 1 min with this co-branded Kahlúa kit
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Cold Brew "Espresso Martini"

How to make?

90 ml Mode concentrate
60 ml Kahlúa
30 ml Absolut Vodka

Fill the shaker with ice and add all ingredients

Shake 15-20 seconds to get the velvety foam

Strain into a martini or a cocktail glass

High quality!

Loved this - feels so excluive and makes espresso martini so easy and fun @home!


Verified customer

Really affordable!

Great product - perfect gift. The quality was even better than I expected, highly recommend!


Verified customer

Loved it!

I bought it for my dinner with friends, the martinis are just the best tasting with Mode!!


Verified customer