Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Machines

Now available for Swedish modern workplaces

Are you ready to transform your workplace coffee routine? Introducing Mode Nitro Cold Brew Machines – a smarter way to enjoy coffee.

What is Nitro Cold Brew?

Nitro cold brew is coffee, but smarter. 100% arabica beans brewed for 24 hours in cold filtered water infused with nitrogen for a naturally sweet and smooth flavor. Perfection is served.

Why workplaces start offering nitro cold brew?

Wellbeing: Healthier and smarter alternative to sugary energy drinks and significantly less acids compared to hot brewed coffees

Boost productivity: Employees stay focused and energized throughout the day

Employee satisfaction: Create a positive workplace culture, showing employees that their employer cares about their wellbeing

Unique perk: Help employers differentiate themselves from competitors and attract and retain top talent

Impress clients: An unique and innovative offering that’s sure to keep everyone feeling satisfied and energized

Environmentally friendly: No more coffee waste or costs associated with traditional hot brew

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Email us on for more info how to make a smart choice for your workplace by introducing Mode Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Machines. Experience the taste of perfection, boost productivity, and foster a culture of wellbeing.
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