Smooth Sustainable Coffee

Not only is our coffee smooth as silk but we also aim to make it as sustainable as possible and keep doing so. Here are some sustainable actions in our process we are extra proud of achieving.

Our coffee is sustainably grown, always organic and Fairtrade. We donate 2% of our revenue to fair trade among coffee farmers. So they can be paid a fair price and keep delivering world class coffee.

It’s being roasted with 100% renewable energy.

Zero waste program

Sadly. Most people brew their coffee and throw out the remaining coffee grounds. In Sweden 1 of 3 coffee cups, which means 300 million liters of coffee are thrown away each year because we brew too much. Mode Cold Brew make sure you never use more coffee than you need but at the same time never stand short when you need your quick caffeine fix. Leftover grounds from production are used to make plant based pellets that produce head and steam.

Our coffee is always packed and served from a 100% recyclable carton packaging made from renewable sources.

Circle of Mode

Through our initiative ”Circle of Mode" we donate to charities targeting mental health, climate change and social sustainability with every purchase committed. This way you can enjoy smooth premium coffee while contributing to a better functioning world.
In our latest project we have donated 1.668.390 liters of clean water to coffee farmers to date.