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Our mission

To help people feel and function better naturally by making coffee smarter

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Coffee, but smarter. All the things you love about coffee, none of things you don't.

Smooth taste
- no bitterness



100% Natural and unsweetened

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The energy you want, the balance you need

Smooth refreshing

150 mg natural caffeine powered
by cold brew

Functional superfoods to
relieve stress

100% natural – free from sugar
and sweeteners

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Living life in balance calls for a
smarter cup of coffee

We cold brew and craft our functional coffee beverages to help you feel and function better naturally. So you find your mode.

Smooth refreshing taste

Life's too short for bitter coffee


Ready when you are

Premium quality

Perfection from bean to brew

Functional ingredients

Wake up and function better naturally

100% natural

Only the good stuff

Responsible all the way

A better functioning world with every sip

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What others say

The best coffee!

Best tasting coffee, facilitates even stressful mornings when there is no time!


Verified customer

This coffee is beyond everything I’ve every tasted before.

Never bitter, just fresh and full of flavour.  It’s a love story, what else can I say 🤍 Just try it and feel the difference!


Verified customer

Mode is my favourite coffee!

It’s insanely good, with a smooth taste completely without any sugar or sweeteners.

Johannes Cullberg

Verified customer

I love Mode cold brew’s coffee

I love Mode cold brew’s coffee! I don’t get any stomachs anymore and I really feel “when the coffee kicks in” as it doesn’t with regular coffee anymore. If I’m tired after work when I’m about to workout I can just drink some cold brew and my energy level is up again. No more need for PWO.


Verified customer

Just try it. Trust me.

Great coffee (has a smooth, chocolate vibe)
Great service (Quick, friendly and caring) 
Convenient delivery (Budbee home delivery) 
Decent price (The price of a latte from a coffee shop is daylight robbery, at this point. This is a much cheaper option). 
Also it’s high in caffeine, so I have energy all day!


Verified customer

Such a timesaver in the morning and absolutely delicious!

I's so easy to make it stronger or weaker by adjusting how much water and milk you add so it's really going to suit everyone!


Verified customer

How we make coffee smarter

Our vision is to create the world's smartest coffee brand for the next generation



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Smooth taste

No bitterness

Stomach friendly

More caffeine

Ready in seconds

No coffee breath

No waste

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A better functioning world with every sip

We started Mode in 2016 to help people function better naturally with a smarter and healthier alternative to coffee and energy drinks. Every year, we donate 10% of our profit to the Tim Bergling Foundation to raise mental health awareness among young people.