What’s the Difference Between Cold Brew and Iced Coffee?

What’s the Difference Between Cold Brew and Iced Coffee?

Both cold brew and iced coffee can be made as iced lattes - but they’re completely different things! Let’s get this straight once and for all. What’s the difference between cold brew and iced coffee? And which one is better?

First of all, let’s clarify what iced coffee is. Iced coffee is coffee that has been hot brewed one way or another, and then chilled. This could be through a capsule machine, french press, regular coffee machine or any old school way of making coffee.

How is iced coffee made?

  • Brewed in ca 92-96C
  • Brewing time is about 10 min
  • Cooled down after brewing
  • Best consumed the same day

So, what is cold brew coffee? It’s coffee that has been brewed without the heating process. This brewing process can be done in multiple ways but never uses heat, since it’s brewed in cold water. It also has a longer brewing time that makes the coffee taste smoother, because it's less acidic. Because of this, cold brew coffee is not as tough on your stomach as regular hot brewed coffee. Cold brew coffee helps pick up the flavors of your coffee beans in a way that hot brewed coffee doesn’t.

How is cold brew coffee made?

  • Brewed in cold water
  • Brewing time is 12-24 h
  • Is ready to pour after brewing
  • Can be stored for a longer time

What’s better, cold brew or iced coffee?

Looking at the benefits of cold brew coffee, we always say cold brew is coffee but smarter. It has all the benefits of regular coffee, but it doesn’t have the drawbacks. The only seemingly beneficial thing with hot brewed coffee would be that brewing time is faster - but today you can buy cold brew concentrates which are even faster to mix than hot brewed coffee is. Knowing this: Cold brew coffee is way better than iced coffee.

This is why cold brew is better than iced coffee:

  • Has a smooth taste without bitterness
  • Stomach friendly
  • More caffeine
  • Natural and unsweetened
  • Can be stored longer
  • Can be bought as a concentrate