Black Week 2021

When we started Mode in 2016 after being tired of unhealthy energy drinks we did so to help more people function and feel better naturally.

With our philosophy “Find your Mode” we wanted to inspire people to find balance and their passion in life. Make people aware that living in the city surrounded by stress and must dos hard to get away from is not a sustainable or active way of living. 

Now many years later we are in the middle of Black Week. A hectic week filled with stress, imbalance and overconsumption. Far from the world we want to be part of. We have therefore chosen to take a different direction. 

This week we donate 100% of our profit, or a minimum amount of 50.000 SEK to the Tim Bergling Foundation to raise mental health awareness among young people.

Making coffee smarter is great, but contributing to a better functioning world is even greater 💚