Changing the rules of coffee



Living in the city surrounded by stress and must dos, we wanted a more sustainable and active way of living. The best way was occasionally to escape the urban restlessness and go out in nature to recharge with natural energy. To Find our Mode.

Sick of unhealthy energy drinks, we started Mode to offer people a smooth and healthier way to function by changing the rules of coffee.

With funding from Tim ”Avicii” Bergling and years of working closely with leading professionals the outcome is extraordinary. 

Mode’s natural and functional cold brew coffee is a healthier and more sustainable alternative to energy drinks and a smooth substitute for hot brewed coffee.

Not only is all our coffee 100% organic, sustainably grown and roasted with renewable energy. We support the Tim Bergling Foundation by donating 10% of our profit to raise mental health awareness and fight climate change. 

This way you can enjoy smooth premium coffee and Find Your Mode while contributing to a better functioning world.