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Find your Mode


Making coffee smarter is great, but helping create a better functioning world is even greater.

It all started with a conversation among friends.
We were all looking for a better way to fuel our fast-paced, high-pressure lives. We were sick of sugary artificial energy drinks. And traditional coffee? It wasn’t doing the job.

The very stuff that was supposed to give us the energy we needed to wake up and function better was leaving us with a bitter aftertaste. Not to mention major energy crashes and stomach aches.

We knew one thing for sure: there had to be a better tasting and healthier alternative.

We were hooked from the very first sip.
One sunny day in L.A., we were introduced to cold brew by a personal trainer. It turned out that this was the smarter and healthier alternative we’d been searching for! It helped us energize without compromise—for whatever mode we were in. Whether it was workout mode, studio mode, or chillin’-by-thepool mode. Needless to say, we started drinking cold brew daily.

But when we got back home, we couldn’t find it anywhere. Not in Sweden, or the rest of Europe.

So, in 2016, we decided to make it ourselves.
After months of messy experimentation with countless batches with different bean origins, grinding levels, roasting and water temps, brewing times and pH levels, and tapping the brains of Sweden’s top baristas, we finally created a cold brew that hit the spot.

Mode Cold Brew elevates all the things we love about coffee, and none of the things we don’t.
It turns out that brewing our premium organic, Fairtrade coffee beans for 16 hours in cold filtered water without any heat is the key to extracting the smooth, refreshing taste we crave. Totally stomach friendly. Free from bitterness. And with the boost we need to function better naturally.

When Tim passed away, our mission grew clearer and more important than ever.
Just two years later, one of our founding friends, Tim Bergling, known to the world as the music producer Avicii, tragically passed away. It shook our world and we were forced to look at everything with sharper focus. While some of us decided to move on from Mode and do other things in life, others decided to stay.

For those of us who stayed, our mission grew clearer and more important than ever: Not only do we want to help people function better naturally, we want to help them feel better too.

Helping people feel and function better naturally.
A life driven by stress and a never-ending list of must-dos is no sustainable way to live. With our “Find your mode” philosophy, we seek to inspire people to live life in balance, surround themselves with positive vibes, and make time for their passions so they can truly wake up—and feel and function better in the long run.

Today, besides offering a growing range of functional coffee beverages based on our beloved cold brew, we work closely with Tim’s family and donate 10% of our profit to the Tim Bergling Foundation each year to raise mental health awareness among young people.

Making coffee smarter is great. But you know what? Contributing to a better functioning world is even greater.