Rumour has it cold brew coffee origins from Peru. We had to check it out.

The origin of cold brew coffee goes apart. Some say it found its first dedicated audience with the Japanese in the 17th century. Other cold-brew genesis theories point towards Latin America, more precisely Peru.

Since rumour has it cold brew coffee made its way from the deep Peruvian jungle to Los Angeles. We had to check it out and maybe even find the holy grail of cold brew coffee. Come join us when the Mode crew explore what could be the origin of cold brew coffee!

Where our journey starts. At the camp. Looks like they can need some natural energy?

We were greeted by so many cheerful people.

And animals.

Of course they raided our stack of Mode Cold Brew when they found out there were no dangerous additives in it.

Beautiful sunset over the river next to our camp. Tomorrow will be interesting when our journey toward the holy grail of cold brew starts.

The next morning. Time to conquer the djungle.

With us was our guide Hugo. He cut through everything. He also told us that in 1964, Todd Simpson, an engineer by education, went on a botanical trip to Peru. There he saw locals cold brew coffee by traditional methods during several hours in cold water. Simpson noted the milder flavor and lower acidity of the cold brew coffee, and sought to concoct his own brewing method for consumers at home, especially those with sensitive stomachs. Todd decides to bring cold brew coffee to the U.S. The rest is history.

We are on to something. Coffee plant with berries.

Bullet Ant. Some describe their sting as the most painful in the world. A pure, intense, brilliant pain. Like walking over a flaming charcoal with a 3-inch nail embedded in your heel.

Finally out on the other side. Now let the Amazonas river take us to our destination.

Our ride arrives. Ouff!

Watch out Amazonas here we come.

Members of the Mode crew.

Finally arrived to the legendary Inca city of Machu Picchu.

To bad we did not find the holy grail of cold brew on this trip. Time to recharge and head back home.

With us from the trip of a lifetime we bring a lot of new friends and improved knowledge of the origin and making of cold brew coffee.