Mode Martini Christmas Edition

Why not try a new tradition this Christmas? It sounds a bit experimental but you will be surprised after tasting this sophisticated taste explosion that goes just as well together with the gingerbread cookies as at the Christmas party.

5 cl Mode Cold Brew Coffee Orignal
2 cl Mulled wine (Glögg)
2 cl Vodka
2 cl Kahlua
Blend and shake over ice.


We got a great Coconut Cold Brew Caramel Smoothie recipe for you today! Not only does it make a quick energy-boosting breakfast but also a great pre workout beverage or just an afternoon treat.

10 cl Mode Cold Brew Coffee Caramel
1 banana
5 dates 
10 cl almond milk
10 cl coconut milk
1/2 avocado

Salted Caramel Energy Balls

Did you know you can also use Mode Cold Brew for baking? Here follows a recipe from our friend @eatingnaked for the Salted Caramel Energy Balls!
Half a bottle of Mode Cold Brew Caramel
70 g coconut oil
12 medjool dates
Some pinches of salt
A tbsp of coconut sugar
2 tbsp of maca powder (gives a natural caramel flavor)
3 dl of oats.
Mix the ingredients in a blender until it’s a lump free paste and after that use a spoon to blend in 3 dl of oats.
Finish by rolling the balls and cover them in what ever you feel like, like liquorice powder, lingonberry powder, or like me in a mix of coconut chips and coconut sugar!
Store in the freezer and enjoy!

Mode Cold Brew breakfast smoothie

A Mode Cold Brew breakfast smoothie is a great way to kickstart your mornings and go out there full with energy and high on antioxidants!
10-15 cl Mode Cold Brew Original
1 banana
1/2 avocado
5 cl frozen raspberries and blueberries 
8 cl apple juice
5 cl non dairy yoghurt

How to make your own cold brew coffee

Step 1.  Grab some fresh high quality coffee. If possible coarsely grind it. 

Step 2. Fill the filter with 2/3 of coffee and attache it to the lid. 

Step 3. Pour cold water into the Hario cold brew bottle until its full.

Step 4. Place the brewer in the fridge. Wait for 12-24 hours according to personal preference strength. 

Step 5.     Your own cold and refreshing cold brew coffee is ready to be served.  Pour over ice and enjoy straight or with your choice of veggie milk.