From plant to hand

  • Invest in origin and quality:
    To create premium cold brew coffee there are no other way than to purchase the world's best coffee from the planet's best farmers. And keep doing so.

    We buy our speciality Arabica coffee beans from African small-scale farmers to make sure the quality always stays on top. To make sure we get that smooth and well rounded flavour the Arabica beans are famous for.
    All our coffee is Organic and Fairtrade. It grows at 1900 meters above sea level. This environment with its rich red volcanic soil and an annual rainfall of 1300 mm creates the ultimate conditions for growing Arabica coffee and this certain area is famous to produce some of the best coffee in the world.

  • Roast and grind:
    Beside from choosing the highest quality coffee beans to start with, the method and craftsmanship of the coffee roasting process may have the biggest impact on your cold brew coffee enjoyment.

    A coffee bean is never better than its roasting. In order to get the most out of high quality coffee its origin character should be celebrated. Mode is always done on a light roast to preserve all the natural- flavours and sweetness of the coffee. This is key for producing any good cold brew. Moreover, a light roast also means more caffeine and hence a greater flavour boost.

    Many might assume that a finer grind makes a finer drink. In fact, the opposite is true for cold-brew coffee. For the smoothest end product, you want to look for a coarse grind that leaves slightly larger coffee particles.

    Pure Swedish water:
    There is not a whole lot of coffee that grows in Sweden. But on the bright side we are blessed with world class water straight from the tap, which is the other of two ingredients in Mode Cold Brew. It turns out Swedish water got the perfect pH for making smooth and flavourful cold brew coffee. Lucky for us!

    Sit down and wait:
    It is finally time for our speciality coffee beans to meet pure (and very cold) Swedish Water. Some say 6 hours is standard but who wants standard cold brew? We brew every batch overnight.

    During this time the cold water extract all the goodies from the coffee, but less of the stuff you don’t want from the bean like bitterness and acidity. Meaning it’s smooth to drink and easier on your stomach, teeth and breath.

  • Package and shipped to you
    The coffee is filtered and tapped into our glass bottles which are recyclable and made to maximize the flavor and freshness of our cold brew. Cheers!

    Enjoy and give back to the people responsible
    Since Mode wants to improve what people drink. Every bottle of sold Mode Cold Brew means a caffeine punch for you and clean drinking water for someone who lives without. We join forces with Solvatten Safe Water Project to make sure that the families living where our amazing coffee grows can live a decent life and keep delivering you the worlds best coffee!

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