BARTENDER SERIES: Mode ”Espresso” Martini by Simon Ramn

This is Simon Ramn, owner and bar manager of cocktail bar Coquetel Social and restaurant Calle P. He is also a true believer of cold brew and was the first person we approached with our product before we launched. Getting Simons feedback along the road has been vital to us and also experimenting on coffee cocktails. Testing new cocktails with him led to the knowledge that basically any existing drink can get an exciting twist with a touch of Mode Cold Brew. But a classic is a classic and Simon has really fine tuned it to perfection. The Mode ”Espresso” Martini at Coquetel Social is the perfect drink for every occasion. It’s what you want when you order a classic.

The Espresso Martini was invented by Dick Bradsell back in 1983 during his time at the Soho Brasseries. The cocktail ledgend has it that a young supermodel slided up to the bar and asked Dick to make her a cocktail that, quote: “wake me up, and then fuck me up”. Why Bradsell settled on that drink that day was a coincidence, as the coffee machine was right next to the station where the drinks were served at the Soho Brasserie, and back then, vodka was all people were drinking.

When the Espresso Martini was invented in the early 80’s, cold brew coffee was not yet a well known thing. It is now. And what a thing it is. Switching your espresso for cold brew in the martini elevates it to higher grounds. With cold brews lack of bitterness, synergy with the flavours occurs and takes away the need for sugar syrup.

You can always count on good caffeinated times at Coquetel Social.