We found our Mode with Patric Glaubke out in nature. A well traveled man took us on a trip on his own, a trip to Hagaparken brought us on a trip down flavour lane with the awesome Cold Brew Sour. 

Mode Cold Brew teamed up with Patric to explore the places where no coffee machines can go. We believe that mixing premium coffee cocktails should be possible outside the polished corners of cocktail bars. Mode is your substitute to hot brewed espresso and filter coffee. Always ready when you are.

Cold Brew Sour is made out of Mode Cold Brew Concentrate mixed with malt whiskey from Naked Grouse, freshly squeezed lemon juice and Patric’s own recipe of a spiced orange cordial. 

Cold Brew Sour is full of sweet and sour aromas, enhanced by the cold brew’s smoothness. Shake the ingredients, garnish with lemon zest, and bring to perfect beauty by enjoying it in nature.

Mode, convenient where nothing else is.