BARTENDER SERIES: ”Churchills Breakfast” by Leemart Yacob

The team at restaurant TAKO has really taken a liking to our Mode Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate with three cold brew cocktails on their bar menu. Mode Team visited Bar Manager Leemart Yocoub at Charles bar located at Restaurant TAKO to taste one of his cocktails: “Churchills Breakfast”.

“Churchills Breakfast” is a homage to Winston Churchill who loved washing down his breakfast with whiskey – after smoking a cigar. The drink is made by firstly, blowtorch the end of a cinnamon stick, then invert a cocktail glass over the smoke and rotate the glass to coat the inside with the fragrant aroma. The cinnamon stick gives the impression of being a cigar but also adds a great flavour touch to the rye whiskey that is mixed with cold brew, maple syrup and angostura bitters. The recipe is originally created by chefsteps.

For more information about how to make “Churchills Breakfast” like Leemart – check out our recipe page